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Working for a horrible boss is in itself a difficult situation. You are bound to have your life made miserable when you work for one. It is best to quit such a job. But if you can’t for now because you need the job to get by your bills, then follow these tips to make it through the job.

• Take time to study your boss

Understanding the personality of your boss will enable you handle your boss better. These include knowing his/her likes and donts when it comes to his/her expectations from you on the job. To achieve this, plug into your experiences about his/her reactions to previous tasks/responsibilities assigned to you. Talk to older colleagues in the organization so as to be better educated concerning your boss’s expectations from the job.

• Don’t expect your boss’s compliments for job well-done

Horrible bosses hardly compliment their staff for day to day dedication and commitment to the job. They act like do not notice efforts made by staff on the job but would not fail to point out staff mistakes and are likely to verbally or physically abuse staff. Build a mind set of not expecting much in terms of compliments or rewards from such bosses. In the end, if he/she surprises you with one, thank him or her.

• Make plans on how to move to another job

Though personal or certain challenges might make it unwise to quit the job for now, there is need to make plans on how to conveniently quit such a job in the long run. To achieve this, you have to be on the look out for openings in other organizations. Think about starting your own business or upgrade your qualifications to be more employable or be fit for other jobs. You cannot continue to work with or for a horrible boss for ever. You will surely be emotionally and psychologically drained out in the end. Your dissatisfaction with the job will know no end.

• Avoid your boss as much as possible

If you are in a job position that allows you to have less direct contact with such boss, better for you. But if not, this will not help you. Nevertheless, always think through every detail of an assignment before you go to meet with your boss for a meeting. If it is a responsibility that you can handle personally without contacting your boss, then avoid him/her, take a decision and go ahead and do it. Experience about his/her expectations from you on such an assignment may be of help to guiding you on how to go about the assignment as well.

• Keep your frustrations to yourself

Employees with horrible bosses often feel a need to voice their frustrations to fellow colleagues. Be careful, some of your fellow colleagues could be informants for your boss. You could end up being singled out for more abuse when the gossips get to your boss. If you must share your job frustrations, do it with trusted colleagues or better still, family members.

• Toughen-up yourself emotionally

One of the joys of horrible bosses is to break the spirit of an employee. These include verbally or physically abusing you or leaving you in tears or saddened most of the time. Work on your mind to resist every verbal assault thrown at you from stealing your peace and joy. If not, you could become ‘the mother/father of tears’ in the organization. Keep your distance with such your boss when he or she is displeased with you over an assignment; for some of these horrible bosses don’t waste time in slapping their staff across the face. So keep a distance to ensure their hands do not reach you.

• Save for rainy days

Job expectancy when working in an organization with a horrible boss is sadly short. You can be sent packing from the job when you least expect. Most times even good job performances may not guarantee long years of service for you with such organization. Therefore, there is need for you to save part of your income on the job. When the expected happens too soon, you can have something to fall back on to get by till you are able to get another job or start up something.

• Stand up to your boss at times

Nobody likes to take the blame when things go wrongs. This is true for horrible bosses. They often prefer others to take the fall for their poor judgments. They would not hesitate to hang others when things to wrong even when they are responsible for such problems in the first place. Resist being made the scapegoat especially when you can prove that you were not the cause or responsible for the problem in the first. They wouldn’t hesitate to shout at you or shut you up when you seek exonerate yourself from the blame; stand your ground and refuse to be intimidated by their reactions. But if you are to blame for the problem, apologize and then keep mute while h/she does the shouting and accusations till he/she gets tired, then you can quietly leave his/her presence.