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My Dreams

Gone are the days I look unto my country for hope concerning my future. As days go by I am even frustrated about the terrible economic prospect that stare one in the face from a country that seems to offer nothing but pain to many. Will my dreams ever come true? I wish I could pursue them, but rather than pursue them, the challenges and struggle of daily living seem to get the best of my energies. Sometimes I remember what my dreams for my career or the future had been; I shake my head in pain that they are slipping by.
I feel so helpless now chasing them for problems of life that confront me have made my situation so. I many times wish that a grater force gives me the courage and change the difficult challenges that confront me and enable me get back to the path of my dreams. Now I understand why some say the grave yard is the richest place as many have died without fulfilling their great ideas or dreams due to difficulties of life particularly those posed by an inhuman nation like mine.
I know, for the living, there is hope, is just the many burdens on my shoulders that seem like continually weighing my dreams down, hurt me most. May God help me.