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Nigerian Government response to Protest

often times I can help but worry about the state of personal freedom in Nigeria with regards to the right to protest and the right to disagree with the establishment. The issue of continuous crackdown on protesters such as Biafra supporters and the Shite followers are two examples that have appeared in recent times in Nigeria. When government fails to dialogue with protesters on issue that affect them but rather employ the use of naked force to deal with such protests, no doubt government is inadvertently fueling such protests which of course could degenerate to violence.
The use of the military to crackdown on peaceful protest is undemocratic and should not be resorted to by the Nigerian government. The military is not trained for civil matters.
Most of the accusations of poor human right records against the Nigerian military were recorded in their dealing with civilians right within the territory of Nigeria, civilians, who they were supposed to protect in the first place. If these poor records are anything to go by, it makes a case why the military should not be allowed to interfere in civilian affairs particularly when human rights ought to be fully respected.

The government should cultivate an atmosphere for civil discourse on issues that affect any segment of its citizens. It should discourage the mentality in Nigeria that for one to get government to listen to one’s discontents, one should resort to violence such as youths in Niger Delta are currently doing. This is the mentality that the Nigerian government had entrenched in Nigerians through it many responses to protests of discontent on many issues over the years.Dialogue should be the first and last resort