May the bombs drop soon

A foreign military intervention in Syria is long over due considering the genocide being committed against the civilian population by the blood thirty president of Syria.  It is unfortunate that the world had stood by watching helpless civilians face deaths by their thousands for the past two years in Syria. It is also unfortunate that countries like Russia and China are opposing a military strike by the US in Syria. All they care about are their personal interests and not the sufferings of the ordinary Syrian people, many of whom are now refugees and victims of chemical attacks by the forces of president Assad.

A military strike by US will send a very clear message to the regime in Syria that it can not continue with its business of ‘death engineering’ and blatant atrocities against the civilian population as the regime had done with its chemical attacks against civilians recently. it will also guard against another blood thirsty leader in part of the world deploying such deadly chemicals against civilians. Let the world support efforts by the US at checking the danger that Assad poses to his people. 

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