Dealing With Set Backs

Dealing with set backs especially those never anticipated is often difficult. Some set backs come with painful lost time which may perhaps require weeks or months to recover; while some might never be regained. Accepting lost time and lost efforts or even resources that are drained by painful set backs is often not easy. However, one still has to move on. At times, one is often faced with the choice of either abandoning the project or continuing with it. Abandoning projects due to set backs or immediate failures is often the first psychological reaction to painful set backs or intense personal failures. At times like that, one needs to encourage oneself in order to move on. If one can get emotional support from well-wishers, the better. Hope often comes from encouragement from others.

The world does not care much about your failures. It see through the efforts you have made. It know whether you had given your best or not. But note, it only celebrates those who finally succeed at their great tasks. I encourage you to strive unto success. Set backs are only temporary, they shall pass. Let one look unto the crown of glory that waits one upon successfully attaining the best or hoped results from that which one seeks to accomplish. The walk through the road of success is difficult. You shall walk to the end of it for you have what it takes to accomplish that in you.

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