The Lies Men Tell

Lies come cheap especially in men’s relationships with women. I wonder if there is any man who hasn’t told a lie to his woman. Some tell lies so often that you cant tell when they are actually speaking the truth. Why do some men feel comfortable telling lies to their women, even when it is said that truth sets one free?

Often times I hear men say that woman preferred to be told lies for women seem more comfortable with it than truth. Is this idea a product man’s evolutionary experience or liars just simply recruiting more liars? I remember the many times some of my friends had told lies to their women because they thought telling them the truth would be unpleasant for they were afraid to face the consequences of their actions.

While it is true that both sexes play the games of lies, are lies not harmful to our relationships especially with the one, one has sworn to be with till death do one apart? Can one regain trust lost as a result of discovered lies told by one? Especially to those who easily believe one because of their trust in one?
Should one continue with lies to hold onto a relationship? Is it really worth being called a love relationship? Perhaps one may have entered into such a relationship because of some selfish motivations. Or are there inadequacies that one seeks to hide by hiding behind lies?

The truth has a way of coming out especially when one makes a habit of telling lies. A relationship built on truth out lives one which is not. If we do that which we are supposed to do, would there be opportunities to tell lies? If we flee from the temptations that could harm our relationships, would there be something to cover up?

In relationships, it is important one creates environment that encourages ones partner to speak the truth without fear of retribution or rejection. How one responds to one’s partner’s openness, goes a long way in determining how forth coming ones partner will be with the truth next time. While we have the capacity to do that which is right or make right choices; at times, we do not due to weaknesses and we may end up doing those things that cause us to be ashamed of telling the truth.

Truth is a choice. It is a product of the decision one makes. Unfortunately, there are those who have made a habit of telling lies. You never can tell where you stand with them on any issue. I feel sad for those whom have found themselves in relationships with these kinds of persons. Can one tell the many times they had cheated on one? The many broken promises? The true intentions they hold for one?

I hope we learn from the many broken relationships around and avoid their pitfalls. Indeed making lies a part of the foundation, is one of the reasons why some homes are no more.

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