Life throws at one, unpleasant situations at times. Some of which leaves one confused and sapped. At times, the worries that come with them are capable of stealing ones sleep, make one oblivious of the world around one and leave ones thoughts constantly spinning round for solutions. Imagine the feeling of helplessness that grips one in situations or challenges of which despite ones many modest efforts to resolve, nothing seem to work out at all? Perhaps, your problem is not being able to find a good job despite many attempts after many years leaving school; or, perhaps, a beloved has been really ill and you are at loss on how to help him or her despite the many trips with him or her to a few hospitals in the past or could it be about issues you face at work? Indeed, life’s challenges could be many!

While it’s true that if one continues to thrive with unwavering efforts, a problem or rather, challenge that looks insurmountable yesterday could become a celebrated victory today, but can life be the same accepting to live with those that defile ones efforts no matter how big or small the problems are? Can one live with the nagging pain of a splinter caught in a finger? To live with an ‘un-solvable’ problem, is it to overcome it?

How people respond to problem is diverse, but what drives their responses? Why would one take his or her own life in a bid to escape his or her problems? Can one truly escape ones troubles by taking one owns life? These questions, I do not have answers to. But I do know that which life has taught me, that is, no matter how big ones troubles are, even if they are strong enough to pull down the skies and leave one drenched in cascading tears, it is only a matter of time, they shall pass!

Aren’t men born to overcome problems? Are there situations of life that are hopeless cases? Couldn’t man’s striving efforts make a difference about them someday? Look at the many inventions man has brought to make life easy, before these inventions, were problems that hunted man, some even taking his life at will. Think about polio, small pox, and other deadly disease; think about the wasted hours spent on walking long distances or the significant efforts required to send messages across far away lands. Today, many of these problems are no more.

Can hope ever be lost? Do we need to give up on our tomorrow? Hope lights our path unto our journey of tomorrow. If one remains hope and do not give up, I am hopeful one shall find solution to the problem that has befallen one. Also, learn to ask for help when you can’t help yourself; you never can tell the helping hands that may be willing to reach out.

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