Ticking Biological Clock

Are you desperately searching for your Mr. Right or Mrs. Right? Wondering why he or she hasn’t come yet? Bothered that this year is almost fading out and still you haven’t found a suitable or a willing prospective marital partner to settle down with? Perhaps you are 35 plus in age and you are wondering whether you might end up remaining single for a long time since the right man or woman has not appeared?

I am not writing to tell you when he or she will show up today but to tell you that you should remain hopeful and continue to search. The truth remains that one who seeks, shall find someday. However, are you doing or saying the right kinds of things to get the one which you seek? Great relationship does not often begin like the way we see in the movies. Sometimes ones attitude or responses could be the reason why one hasn’t found the right person yet. Perhaps you attract the wrong set of prospective mates perhaps by the way you dress, your communication skill, the kind of friends you hangs out with or because of your inadequate mate hunting plan?

While it is possible to get everything right and still experience snags in finding Mr. Right or Mrs. Right, however; that doesn’t mean one should give up and ignore the necessary in ones quest to get that which one seeks which I am sure will eventually come. If thousands of men and women are able to get the mates they desire, get married every year, why not you? The truth is that there are arts to most activities in life. I encourage you to find out and learn the secret why it is working out for your friends and others. Talk to them and you will be amazed what you will learn. Learn more of this secret from good books on relationship especially those written by local authors. There are a few good websites that offer free advice on issues as this.

The road to realizing that which one seeks in life is full of bumps but if you are able to know what lies ahead, you wouldn’t make the mistakes that others have made. I know of a guy, when he meets a girl he really likes, he plays friends with her, only to tell her about his love for her when it is too late. He feels he is taking his time but he eventually ends up taking the whole time in the world. I know of girl who hardly bites her words and ends up communicating the wrong impression to the few nice guys that had come her way, whom had hoped that she was the marriage material they had been seeking.

There are a few things in life which one can grab by force; a mate may not be one of them. The exceptions are in situations of slavery and forced marriage; if you live in a civilized country, these options will not be available to you. So take the civilized route and get to your goal. I am hopeful that most who are seeking the right persons so as to settle down soon will eventually find whom they seek so far they are ready and willing to work towards realizing their goals.

Let one not be driven to making wrong choices because of ones fast ticking biological clock. It is better to remain single, happy and whole than end up an abusive relationship. Take a stock of the many people who are in abusive relationships and those who have died in it, I bet you would understand why I am taking this line of thought. As this year ticks away and you take stock of your achievements, do not be hard on your self that you have not yet found the ONE yet. You shall! I wish you the best.

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