A view of Homosexuality in the eyes of Africans

Going by events in the world today, one can say that homosexuality has come to stay. The speed at which the act, at the moment, is being recognized around some parts of the world attest to that. Some cities and countries around the world are making or have made laws to recognize such as human right for those who practice it. In most African countries it remains one of the horrible acts in morality that any persons can commit.
Homosexuality to most Africans is not natural. It is seen as a perversion. Africans would struggle to make sense of why two women or men would engage in sexual relationship with each other. To most Africans, the act is nothing but a pointer to the truth that the world had indeed turned up side down, a reflection of the moral decay that has beset the world. It is repulsive to most African to hear about homosexuals getting married.

An average African mother would have a heart attack should she find out that her son or daughter is an homosexual. Such a person is sure to be ostracized by his or her family and the society. Society expects an average African man or woman, when of age, to get married to a member of the opposite sex, anything other than this, one is on his or her own, homosexual or not. While is undeniable to state that very few practice the act in Africa, it very difficult to find publicly self declared homosexuals. Do that and you will have your life turned in side out. Homosexuality practice is very discreet in Africa.

To most Africans, homosexuality is a western phenomenon. An act that has being fueled by western values. To most African, the western culture is one in which everything goes. In a bid to resist what they consider as a western influence, many African countries have made or adopted laws aimed at resisting this western influence and also to protect traditional African values against the influence of homosexuality.
Besides the morality issue, Africans also worry about the impact homosexuality will have on family values. Africans love children and this they expect from heterosexual unions. Same sex marriages do not produce children except one gets a member of the opposite sex to mate with a mate in the union and this to Africans is not what marriage should be.

Africa is a deeply religious continent. To Christians in Africa, homosexuality is a devil sponsored plot against humanity. It is a demonic inspired act. A practice that should not be heard among Christians. Other religions in Africa share the same view about the act. In the days of paganism, one who practices homosexuality is sure to be banished to the evil forest in punishment or go through very lengthy cleansing rituals to get forgives from the gods and ones community.
Though the campaign for dignity of the human person and human rights in general remain critical issues in Africa, one that will surely not make it to the lists of rights in many years to come are rights to sexual and marital relations among homosexuals going by the responses of Africans to the practice. What Africans say to the practice is, ” keep off”

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