Reports of the Syrian crises has been influenced by how the media view the conflict. One can confidently say that media coverage of the crises had been influenced by whose side media are: the regime or the rebels? Media based in countries where there is support for the regime in Syria give more air time to the activities of government forces and portray the rebels as a bunch of criminals who are bent on destabilizing Syria and the Middle East. Take for example the satellite television news channel, Press TV based in Iran. Its coverage of the crises had certainly being one sided. The channel certainly supports the regime in Syria.
The media in the West is not also without bias. Without doubt, they certainly give more airtime to the activities of the rebels in Syria.
The question now is, is objectivity dead in the media? is objectivity now subjective? Who or what decides what is objectivity in news coverage?
The truth is that objectivity is a relative term and the interests of the media determine what objectivity should be or is at any given time.

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