Syria on the brink

The crises in Syria leaves one with a distasteful outlook at how the the world deals with crises affecting nations. One would think that by now the world would have found a solution to the rounds of deaths and destructions in Syria. Now the world seems to be a playing the roles of by -standers as the crises get more and more of hand. I blame Russia and China for the situation Syria has found her self in at the moment. These countries do not care whether more innocent Syrians die from the shellings and bombings by president of Syria against his own people, they are more interested in protecting their own interests in Syria.
Should a leader of any country in the world of today claim to be born to rule and that himself and his family have natural rights to sit over over a country and decide who lives and who dies? if the people of Syria have agiated both through peaceful demostrations and recently through violence that they no longer wish to be ruled by the current dictator, i think the world should respect their feelings and honor that .
It is a shame that such numbers of lives are being lost everyday and the world sits and watch. I wonder when the countless meetings being held over Syria would offer serious results?

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