Child Sexual Abuse

Growing numbers of children are faced with sexual abuse. There is little safe heaven for children from molesters these days. If the child is not sexually molested at home by a parent or a relative, the child could be molested on the streets, at school, at places of worship or even targeted at play ground.
There are many reported cases on the media of children being sexually abused by their parents especially by male parents.
Sexual molesters employ different tactics to lure children to their traps, exploiting the child’s innocence and vulnerability. In many countries of the world, the law has not adequately protected children from the problems of sexual molestation. Even when there are statuses in the law books which incriminate child abuses of any kind, they are weakly enforced. This is the reason why one finds repeated child sex offenders walking freely and targeting more children at will.
Few parents expose their spouses when they discover that they are abusing their children sexually. To prevent the family being exposed to societal ridicule and shaming, some mothers have being known to warn their molested female child or children to keep the secrets of the molestations within the family.
If the family does not protect the child, who would then especially these days that law enforcement officers are finding it difficult confronting growing lawlessness in many societies?
The increasing break down of family values, and communal connections within the society expose the child to molestations. Marital divorces deny children the cover that family setting provides. There is need for the law to be stricter on granting divorces to couples with children. Marriage is more than a business merger.
Sexual abuse of children is just one among the many burdens faced by children all over the world. Much has been documented about these abuses but little is being done to prevent or end them. Is it child labour? Child prostitution? Child military combat? Physical abuses? Or poor access to education, health care, good nutrition or safe environment for child growth? The abuse lists are endless.
Besides family and community, Non governmental organization has important roles to play in protecting the child from sexual molestations. They are closer to the grass roots and are more likely to be contacted for help. I have seen cases where the families of molested children first point of reporting such issues and requests for help are to and from non governmental groups within their communities.
Non governmental organizations can use their voice and connections to improve the laws that offer protection to children. They are capable of raising awareness on the issue of child abuse and direct needed resources to fight child sexual molestations.
It is safe to say that the society had failed children and childhood is now tangling towards terror hood for children.

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