Keeping Long Distance Relationships Alive

Being away from our loved ones is something many of us do not wish to do. A job away from home or some endeavour s could keep one away from loved ones. Distance could kill relationships especially for young couples. Distance is the setting for loneliness. Some couples have fallen to extra marital affairs and infidelity as a result. Keeping a long distance alive requires work. Some have being able to keep their relationships going when they are away from their loved ones. Here are tips on how to keep yours going now or when you are away from your loved one.
Talk often
The easiest way to kill a relationship is not to communicate. It is important one keeps all communication channels open with one’s loved one. These communication channels could be phone emails or letters. The more you talk the closer you are to your loved one. Talking requires effort. There is need to make out time to communicate with your loved one. The effort required is worth keeping your loved one in your life.
Avoid temptation
Do not make up for the physical absence of your loved one by engaging in extra marital affairs or illicit affairs. It takes you away from your loved one. It make one pay less attention to the needs of one’s loved one. It is capable of causing the break up of the relationship. Of course couples in long distance relationships are faced more with the temptations of engaging in extra affairs. However, one should not give in to it or them.
Take advantage of holidays
Visit your loved one when opportunity comes. Such visits will be a tonic to the relationship. It is an opportunity to give renewed strength to the relationship. Talking on phone may be important in a long distance relationship, visits offers one the opportunity to talk with one’s loved one in person. No other form of communication can replace face to face communication. The joy of holding hands and warm embraces is worth more than all the time spent on the phone talking or chatting.
Express your feeling often
It is important one expresses one’s feeling for one’s loved one as often as possible. It tells your loved one that he or she is appreciated despite the physical distance. Send surprise gifts. They at times speak more than a thousand word. When you are with your loved one, you get the opportunity to express your feelings to your loved one in different ways but when away, the opportunities are limited; so make best use of available opportunities to express your appreciation for the sacrifices that your loved one is making to keep the relationship going.

Discuss contentious relationship issue in person
Every relationship is face with one disagreeing issue or another. Discussing such issue on phone or by email may not be effective. Discussing them face to face with your loved one is best. We often express our feeling more in action than words. The body language of your loved one tells you more how they feel about an issue than what they say to you. Such knowledge gives one a better in sight on the feeling of one’s loved one and the better response to it.
It is important one weighs the choice of being away from one’s family for jobs or other endeavour. There are problems that being g away from one’s loved ones or family could bring especially when children are involved. The presence of the two parents is important for the all round development of the child or children. Make the sacrifices that will be in the best interest of your relationship.

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