Unemployment and Staying Afloat

Over the world, the increasing economic recession has brought about increase in the number of the unemployed. Being unemployed is tough especially when you had had a job before. Suddenly finding yourself in the labour market and staying afloat economically during such a time is not easy. If you are a family man or woman, the reality that confronts you is how to meet the needs of the family.
The deeper recession, the less likelihood it is to find a job. If you are a man with a family and recently out of job, It is advisable you take time and talk to members of the family and get everyone to understand the challenges that you being out of job will cause them interms of meeting their every needs.Stress the need for all to accept the necessity to make adjustments in terms of needs. Here , the principle of scale of preference becomes more important. Resources should be used efficiently. There is need to cut cost or needs so as to manage through the period of the recession or being unemployed. The scarce family savings available to the family may be all that will be available for the family to get by for a while, so use it wisely.
It is important you reach out to friends, relations and institutions who could be of help to enable you get by the difficult period. Don’t be reluctant to reach out for help. No man is an island.
It is imporatant you are open minded on available jobs on offer. A job that can put food on your table and enable you meet your basic needs at this period of trial is worth being called a job. At this point, one who was on the managerial level before being thrown back into the labour labour market, should not out of ego, despise lower level jobs especially if the job will help him or her get by for the time being.
Losing ones job could offer one the opportunity to look inwards on self or personal skills and look forgotten hobbies that one could work on and turn into cash. It is an opportunity for realising ones dream for self employment. Remember, when situation gets tough, only the tough gets going. For one out there hoping to find a job very soon, my prayer goes with you. Being unemployed is indeed difficult but no situation remains forever.

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