The Malian Coup

The coup in Mali has further shown that soldiers do not understand the business of governance. The same soilders who had kicked out a legitimate government for alleged incompetence in handling the Tuareg rebellion in the country, are now calling for outside help to fight the rebellion after now being in governement and coming to terms the scale and challenges of the rebellion as was faced by the legitimate government they had overthrown.
In mist of the confusions brought by the coup, the Tuareg rebels have taken advantage of the political confusion and have made further gains by capturing more towns in their campaign for a separate home land.
The response of ECOWAS and the AU is commendable. The future of Mali can only be secured under a democratic governement. The military adventurists in Mali should relinquish power to the deposed legitimate leader . The mutineers are only there for their personal interests which is to control the resources of the state for their own personal benefits.There is hardly a place in Africa where military rule has brought stability. Where the military belongs, is in the barracks.
Despite the general dis-satisfaction of the people of Mali over the way that the overthrown government had handled the rebellion, the right way out shouldn’t have been a coup.
The opposition in Mali should continue to oppose these undemocratic leaders whose mission is to reverse the democratic gains that Malian people have achieved over the years.
It is commendable that the opposition in Mali had taken sides with the resolutions of ECOWAS and the AU to return the country to democratic rule. It was unthinkable that a coup could occur in Mali when a general elections was just around the corner. The truth is that the coming of the military to power will only make Mali weaker in defeating the uprising by the Tuareg separatists especially in face of the sanctions that are being slapped on the country after the coup by regional and international organisations.

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