Women in Prison

Isn’t surprising to you that some women continue to remain in abusive relationships despite the ill treatment they get from their partners? I have often wondered why a person would remain in his or her prison even when there are avenues or doors for freedom. Today many women find themselves in such situation around the world. The truth is that no one in his or her right senses likes to be slave. If one remained, indeed he or she is kept hold by forces beyond his or her control. For example, in places like Iran, Afghanistan and many other countries where human rights are poor, women have very little access to personal freedom. They have no rights to contest the terrible situations in which they are in. If a girl is raped, rather been seen as a victim, she ends up paying for the sins of the rapist as she could be forced to marry her rapist. This is an example of how cruel, men or cultures could be against women.
Woman right is human right. But I wonder if some cultures make sense of that. The question I ask is who would fight for women especially in a world like ours where voices could easily be drown by religious fundamentalists and inhuman men. If women don’t fight for themselves, who would? Women who have made it to the fore despite the rejections and mountainous hurdles they had had to overcome need to shoulder the battle for women emancipation all over the world.
No one is born to be a slave, man invented slavery. Freedom is for all. Discrimination is for none. Despite increased personal freedom around the world, much needs to done to ensure that all people are free especially women. I look forward to the day when there will be no more honor killings. I look forward to the day when women are not held against their will in brothels by gangs or drown in acid attacks.
The appreciation of women should not end in the bedroom. Around the world where women have been given opportunities as men, they have excelled and contributed to the growth of their communities. The strength of women is underestimated. Only the self centered, die hard traditionalists and religious fundamentalists judge women by physical strength and men’s measures of strength.
Today could be the day for salvation for women from suppression and humiliations. But how more women would have to be sacrificed before salvation is got? Shouldn’t it be free?

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