When to Ask a Girl Out

Many men are faced with the question on when to ask a lady out upon meeting her. Approach her too early with your intentions; you may get a ‘No’. And delay for too long, she may have been taken by someone else by then. Timing is very important. Hurriedly asking out a lady without spending a little time to know her and establish a personal relationship so as to create trust with her could affect the success of one getting a lady.
Ways of building friendship with her could include getting her phone number and establishing a communication flow with her for a while before setting up a meeting with her to tell her about your intention towards her. This is not to say that there are no girls that may say yes to your proposal on the first day of meeting them. However you need to do a quick study of the girl to determine if she is likely to say yes to you upon your first contact with her. This apart, many girls may prefer to delay their responses to your intention until future meetings.
Guys who are most likely to lose out are those who delay to mention their intentions to be intimate with girls for too long. This is even worse when the willing girl is already expecting the guy to express his intention to her and the guy has not found the courage to express to do that or decides to remain friends with the girl for a longer time even when he has set his eyes on romance. Asking out a girl is never a crime, so one should not be afraid to approach a girl within the right time and pop the question. Some men would risk saving the Syrians from their blood thirty president than approaching a lady to express their desires for intimate relationships. The worst that a lady would do to you is to say ‘No’ though your ego may be bruised, but who cares? Is there a man who has not faced a rejection from a lady no matter how highly rated a ladies’ man he is?
I know there are real personal problems which could hinder a man from meeting the ladies of his dream. Theses could be poor relationship skills, poor communication skill and inadequate understanding of the women folk. However, every challenge can be overcome. There are opportunities for help out there for men who wish to overcome such problems. Find good books on relationship to study, enroll in programs that offer opportunities for self improvement and importantly, practice and practice. A ‘no’ today may become a ‘yes’ for you tomorrow.

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