A work to a better sex life

Communication is the act of exchanging information, feelings or ideas with another person or group of persons. Communication is important for good interpersonal relationship.It is even very important between lovers in the bed room. A few relationship has suffered strains and even out right collapse due to poor communication.Some couples have given up on sex because they feel unsatisfied by their partners.But how would your partner know all that you wish to experience in the bedroom to feel satisfied if you do not discuss it him or her?We all have our unique fantacies and sexual needs which require unique responses and appreciation. Couples can add life and fun to love making when each sex session is seen as a learning experience.In learning situations,we ask questions when we do not understand a concept, seek clarifications and work to broaden our knowledge of the issue under study. Sex is like any other topic or issue that needs to be studied or learnt too. Infidelity or double dating is not the solution or remedy to poor sex in the bedroom. The solution is improved communication. lovers should make out time to discuss issues affecting their love lives. To also improve our knowledge about sex and ‘bedroom pratices’ it is important we expose ourselves to literature. There are many good books out there to read.Just make the resolve to walk into a book shop today.Every relationship has a foundation,give your relationship the strong foundation it needs!

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